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BDM Creative Services understands the power of web and digital creative marketing.  BDMCS has been providing quality consulting to small businesses locally and around the country. BDM Creative Services has worked with a number of  entrepreneurs, companies, and brands. Our projects create your vision allowing your business to come to life.

BDMCS is a boutique company providing an array of services. We offer freelance writing, web and blog design/development, web consulting, social media consulting, and photography services.

about the owner

Brittany Davis-Morris graduated from Southern University and A&M College with a degree in Computer Science (Information Systems). She started her career as a Software Engineer and Information Systems Security Analyst.

Brittany found that her new life in Houston, TX would change her career path and inspire her to start her own business. She used this opportunity to launch BDM Creative Services. To maximize her skills, she received a Continuing Education Certificate in Web Design and Web Development. She was motivated to build a company that would be able to offer creative insights to other small businesses and entrepreneurs.

 With her hobby as a lifestyle writer with numerous content and features on multiple websites and magazines, she birthed a creative company that will help others with their business goals.